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Quarry Bottom Pump

Croziers Quarry near Armagh were using submersible pumps to control the water level in the quarry bottom, the pumps worked fine for a number of years but needed increasingly more repairs as they aged. Submersible are a good solution for this type of duty but because they are submerged they... Read More

Water Treatment

A water treatment works in Carrickfergus was using Seepex progressing cavity pumps to transfer thickened sludge from the thickener to holding tanks. The abrasive nature of the sludge and some dry running led to stators wearing out in as little as a week in some instances which incurred very high... Read More


A plastic pipe manufacturer in County Armagh had problems with small plastic particles blocking small bore variable area flow meters and proportionators which led to irregular pipe size and a growing rework requirement. Basic inline filters had been tried and failed because operators could not be relied upon the check... Read More

Sand Extraction

A company extracting sand from Lough Neagh was using a land based Warman 10” rubber lined pump to offload sand from the dredging barges. The Warman is not self-priming and would not lift the sand slurry from the barge with out a priming pump. The priming pump in place was... Read More