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The X-Press 10 Acuapres consists of an in-house stainless steel console and a submerged pump in the rainwater tank. The in-house console is characterized by its very compact construction.

The pump controller switches the submerged pump on as soon as a consumer point is open- ended. The pump supplies the system even when the length and heights conditions are unfavorable. A float switch monitors the level of the Rainwater tank constantly, so that if there is too little rainwater in the tank, there is an automatic changeover to the mains water supply.

The X-Press 10 Acuapres is a very light, compact and fully automatic system controller for use with rainwater.
The included pressure vessel absorbs water hammers in the pipework. Additionally it prevents damage of the pump by reducing the operation frequency.

The integrated pressure gauge displays the operating pressure of the system. The solenoid valve and the tundish are mounted on the console.

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