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Double Diaphragm Pumps

Double Diaphragm Pumps

The Verderair diaphragm pumps are the best solution for applications such as liquids containing solids; viscous or sticky media will be handled without problems. Verderair pumps are easily portable and can operate where there is a compressed air supply available.

The Verderair range of air operated double diaphragm pumps (AODD) is the most efficient on the market. This is due to the super-responsive air valve technology utilizing all of the air for ‘pushing’ the liquid rather than entering the air chamber when the stroke has already been completed.

The Verderair air valve technology has excellent benefits:

  • Reduced operational cost – Less compressed air is required
  • Increased productivity – There is less pressure drop and a smoother flow, increasing the diaphragm life and requiring less air to do more!
  • Improved working environment – Reduced noise

The Verderair range is easy to install, free of air lubrication, can run dry without damage and is self-priming!


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